Guidelines for abstract

Guidelines for abstract

The title should be in 14 point/Times New Roman Bold. Except for preposition, conjunctions, pronouns and articles, the first letter of each word should be in capital letter. It should be short and attractive and contain key word and phrases to indicate the contents of the paper. Jargons and telegraphic words should be avoided. Give scientific name of the crop, soil and animal/organism studied.

Author / Authors

The name(s) of author(s) should be in 12 point/Times New Roman Bold, typed in capital letters one space below the title and should be centralized.

The matter/content should be in 12 point/Times New Roman and should come a line below the name(s) of the author(s). Name of the Laboratory/Department, followed by the name of the Institution/Organizational/University where the work reported in the paper was carried out shall come below the name of author(s). Complete postal address, which should include city/town, district, state and country followed by PIN (postal) code, is to be furnished. In case any author has changed his/her affiliation, this should be indicted as footnote.

Email ID : Give the Email address of the corresponding author as a footnote

Text of the Abstract

The abstract comprises brief and factual summary or salient point of the contents and conclusions of the investigation reported in the paper and should refer to any new information therein. As the abstract in an independent entity, it should be able to convey the gist of the paper in a concise manner. The abstract, as concise as possible, should approximately not exceed 400 words in length and be 12 point/Times New Roman. Everything that is important in the paper must be reflected in the abstract. It should include briefly name of the study and year of the study (if applicable), the rationale, objectives or hypothesis, methods, results and conclusions of the study described in the paper. Do not include references, figures or table. At the first mention in the abstract, give complete scientific name for pants and other organisms, the full name of chemicals and the description of soil series. Any such names or descriptions from the abstract need not be repeated in the text. Only SI units and symbols should be used.

Acceptance of Abstracts

Only those abstracts meeting the above requirement and found suitable, subsequent to peer review, will be accepted for presentation.